Kayaking w/ Orcas

Trip highlights, as tweeted:

In bed for the night @ Telegraph Cove. Delicious power outlets all in use. Have 2 go 4 days on a single charge as of tomorrow. 10:05 PM Aug 8th

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Paddled 4 hrs today. No orcas or whales yet, but saw porpoises and sea lions! And kelp... Lots of kelp. 5:03 PM Aug 9th

Great day 2. Paddled 2x today while wife slept. Still no whales seen, more jumping salmon. Couple pods went by after moonrise, blowing. 12:02 AM Aug 11th

5 orcas w/ baby. 5 porpoises. 2 sea lions. 1 mink. 2 kickass guides. 10 new campers. 1 tricked out camp. Cedar hot choc. P'butter smores. 11:29 PM Aug 11th

Blackberry != rugged. Add humid climate in north east end of Vancouver island & keeps takng photos instd of letting me check messages. 11:34 PM Aug 11th

Last day (4) on Little Sofia Isl.: too many orcas to count, in groups up to 10! Also porpoises, purple starfish, & a curious seal. 12:00 AM Aug 13th

Great thanks to Larry, Chantalle, and Eduardo from orcaseakayaking.com for a most memorable trip! 12:09 AM Aug 13th

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