Fishleigh Dr to Nursewood Rd

Been sick for the last couple weeks, but did manage to do a couple rides w/ my fiancé - one for 20K and another for 23K, both helping to break her out of her '5K radius from home' comfort zone. Other than that I've been pretty tired lately.

Today, however, I finally got out and got paddling again -- this time from the corner of Glen Everest Rd and Fishleigh Dr to Nursewood Rd and back.

I'd planned to paddle to Woodbine, but the trip west was much choppier and windier than I'd expected, so I only made it to the water filtration plant at Victoria Park Ave and Queen St East. Oh, well, at least I was able to see the CN Tower from there!

After a brisk swim to cool off, I continued west looking for an easy roadway access point, and Nursewood Rd will certainly work for the next leg of my paddling around the lake.

If you're going to try this paddle, I recommend accessing the water from the east side of the path that heads down from the corner of Glen Everest Rd and Fishleigh Dr, as it's smooth until you get to the rocky beach. The west side, as I discovered on the trip back, is muddy, rocky, and difficult to portage by wheel. Either way, the path down from the street is a VERY steep hill -- much steeper and longer than the Galloway Rd access. Portaging, even with wheels, is difficult here.

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The great thing about today's paddle, despite not getting as far as I wanted, is that as of today I've successfully paddled the entire width of Scarborough, about 20K. Admittedly, I haven't done it in one single paddle -- rather, it's been 4 trips of varying length: Rouge Beach -> Galloway Rd -> Bluffer's Park -> Cliffside -> Victoria Park.

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