Toronto Harbour Island Tour 12K

Went out paddling with some friends tonight around the Toronto Harbour, with the intent to circle the islands. Little did I know it was a 12K route, which we did in just over 2hrs.

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Of the three boats in our fleet, ours was the widest and shortest, which meant we spent almost the entire time at the back of the pack, wondering how the others were enduring our slowness. Still, I had a great time, and SWMNBN got her first (and probably last) taste of paddling Lake Ontario this season. She's more a river paddler, she says.

I'm hoping to get in at least one more trip on the lake before we set sail for Alaska next month. We'll be paddling in Skagway, Alaska on August 12th, but that's a mere 1-3mi (1.6-4.8K) for up to 80mins -- nothing like the grueling counter-current 6 km/h we sustained tonight.

I'm now entertaining the idea of paddling from Toronto to the US next summer, right across the lake: over 50K! At 5-6km/h, that's 8-10hrs of solid paddling. We shall see if such things are possible. Might have to try Scarborough to Bowmanville or Toronto to Burlington first, to see if 50K is doable in a single sitting.

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