Another 50K

Friday: 35K, including 4K with mom trying to get her back into cycling.

Sunday: 15K in 38 mins, using both bike computer and AllSport GPS. Here's how the two compare:

CatEye Velo 8

Time: 38:31
Dist: 15.25km
Avg: 23.7km/h
Max: 44.5km/h
Cal: 262.0

AllSport GPS

Time: 38:08
Dist: 15.225km
Avg: 23.9km/h
Max: 45.6km/h
Cal: 1049

This says two things: it takes about 0.025km for the GPS to lock in, and AllSport has a much friendlier calculation for burned calories. No idea which is more accurate, however.

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