Three Days In Massey: Paddling, Cycling, Hiking, and Rockclimbing

Drove up with the wife and dogs Monday to visit friends in Massey, Ontario. On the way, we passed through thunderstorms powerful enough to knock out power for several blocks in Bradford.

Tuesday I drove over to the River House B&B to rent a canoe, then, with the dogs in their new Outward Hound PFDs, paddled from their put in to the beach at the mouth of the Riviere Aux Saubles (Sauble River) and back.

The trip down the Spanish River ended up being a beautiful 11K trip - the thunderstorm I was expecting at noon or earlier held off until about a half hour after we all got out of the river and back to Black Creek Equestrian where we were staying. Unfortunately, I'd been expecting a short run on the river and overcast skies, so I got rather badly sunburned. Ah, well, next time I'll bring sunscreen instead of leaving it in my duffel at the farm.

Wednesday I set out to go mountain biking, but with the rain the night before the trails behind the farm were pretty intractable for my road-friendly hybrid Specialized, so I parked it against a tree and went off the trail for some rock climbing instead.

I'm loving my newly purchased AllSport GPS for BlackBerry (@trimbleoutdoors), which helped me greatly find my way out of the woods after I veered off the path in search of the sounds of running water.

By the way, if you haven't seen the new features in Picasa Web Albums, check out the map of my paddling/hiking this week, which supports Google Earth & Google Maps.

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