5x5 Week

Decided to try paddling at least 5K every day this week.

Monday: 4.9K

Tuesday: 5.4K

Wednesday: 7.2K + a 6 min swim & a quick jog up and down the bluff from Bellamy Ravine to Sylvan Park. The lake is definitely warming up.

Thursday: 6.2K, according to Trimble Outdoors' AllSport GPS (downloaded OTA from BlackBerry App World). Trip map here.

Friday: 8.9K, from Galloway Rd past the water filtration plant southeast of Beechgrove Dr to the bridges at the south end of Colonel Danforth / Lower Highland Park. Max speed 8.6K/h, according to AllSport. Very brief dip in the lake at dusk, followed by a brisk counter-current paddle back home.

UPDATE: Here are some photos taken throughout June.

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