Swimming upstream

After being briefly distracted by some salmon trying to swim upstream, we decided to stray from the beaten track today to follow the river and look for more.

Salmon getting ready to make a run upriver
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We found some more offroad trails in the Morningside / Col. Danforth park system, and right around where the trail forded the river, we found a couple who'd just managed to catch one of the unlucky salmon on their trek north.

After the park we headed to Pickering via the usual route, then north to Finch and over to the Algoma Forest, which I learned afterwards is a bike-free zone. Headed for home in the grey, intermittent drizzle, finishing at about 45km for the day.


Berlin to Copenhagen on Push Bikes

Stumbled upon a link to this blog, and I'm thinking I need to try something like this some day. Two weeks on a bike sounds like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

Berlin to Copenhagen on Push Bikes

Actually, I am planning to try The Ride to Conquer Cancer on June 20 - 22, 2008, from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Anyone intested in joining a team or donating to a worthwhile cause?

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On Walkabout

As a break from cycling, went for a 7km walk with Paul and the dogs down the Doris McCarthy Ravine/Trail, across the beach path under the bluffs, up at Galloway and over to my inlaws' place for turkey-day-leftovers lunch.

Then, to further break in my new Hydration Belt, I went for a 4.5km jog/walk up to Mr. Sub for dinner.