5x5 Week

Decided to try paddling at least 5K every day this week.

Monday: 4.9K

Tuesday: 5.4K

Wednesday: 7.2K + a 6 min swim & a quick jog up and down the bluff from Bellamy Ravine to Sylvan Park. The lake is definitely warming up.

Thursday: 6.2K, according to Trimble Outdoors' AllSport GPS (downloaded OTA from BlackBerry App World). Trip map here.

Friday: 8.9K, from Galloway Rd past the water filtration plant southeast of Beechgrove Dr to the bridges at the south end of Colonel Danforth / Lower Highland Park. Max speed 8.6K/h, according to AllSport. Very brief dip in the lake at dusk, followed by a brisk counter-current paddle back home.

UPDATE: Here are some photos taken throughout June.



Friday: quick trip to and from Bellamy Ravine, including a brief catnap on the lake & a very brief swim just before dusk. Chilly but invigorating.

Napping on Lake Ontario #friday #POETS #paddling #kayak on Twitpic

Saturday: beat Plants vs. Zombies. Rain sucks.

Sunday: Hiked up the Bluff w/ the dogs to test out Google Lattitude's accuracy. Not bad, but I think it's time to score a copy of Allsport GPS or Trimble Outdoors for my BlackBerry, if they work in Canada.

Quick 19km ride to and from Pickering in about 50 mins. Great speed on the way there (27km/h, terrible on the way back. Average 22.5km/h.


Rouge Beach to Frenchman's Bay

Beautiful day on Lake Ontario today. The wife and I did 7km from the put-in at Rouge Beach park over to the channel markers just outside Frenchman's Bay in about an hour and a half.



Finally slept enough to have the energy to get out paddling today, after a brief paddle a couple weeks ago that ended when I discovered a capsized kayak a little way out from me.

Altruistic thoughts aside, I towed it in to shore thinking, "hey, free boat!" only to discover that its owner was on the shore wondering how he might ever recover his boat. I lent him my Wheeleez so he could lug his leaky boat up the hill to civilization and back to the store from whence it was acquired.

So, today was the first time this season I actually managed to cover some distance on the water: from Bluffer's Park to my close-to-home put-in at the bottom of the big hill south of Galloway Rd, in under 2 hours.

Finally back on the lake! on Twitpic

After dinner I cycled the 8K back to Bluffer's to retrieve the car.