Kayaking w/ Orcas

Trip highlights, as tweeted:

In bed for the night @ Telegraph Cove. Delicious power outlets all in use. Have 2 go 4 days on a single charge as of tomorrow. 10:05 PM Aug 8th

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Paddled 4 hrs today. No orcas or whales yet, but saw porpoises and sea lions! And kelp... Lots of kelp. 5:03 PM Aug 9th

Great day 2. Paddled 2x today while wife slept. Still no whales seen, more jumping salmon. Couple pods went by after moonrise, blowing. 12:02 AM Aug 11th

5 orcas w/ baby. 5 porpoises. 2 sea lions. 1 mink. 2 kickass guides. 10 new campers. 1 tricked out camp. Cedar hot choc. P'butter smores. 11:29 PM Aug 11th

Blackberry != rugged. Add humid climate in north east end of Vancouver island & keeps takng photos instd of letting me check messages. 11:34 PM Aug 11th

Last day (4) on Little Sofia Isl.: too many orcas to count, in groups up to 10! Also porpoises, purple starfish, & a curious seal. 12:00 AM Aug 13th

Great thanks to Larry, Chantalle, and Eduardo from orcaseakayaking.com for a most memorable trip! 12:09 AM Aug 13th



To and from mom's place to help her put eyedrops in her dog, 8K.

Grocery trip, 6K.

Out to Pickering along the waterfront, dinner at Subway, and home, 36K.

Burned roughly 3400 calories, according to Trimble Outdoors (and extrapolating the additional 14K not logged).

A few pics posted via UberTwitter are here, here, and here.