OK Computer

Thanks to a tip from fellow cycling nut @melamalie, I recently replaced my old (lost!) CatEye bike computer with a new Cannondale IQ 114 Cadence so I can work on improving my RPM. Apparently I do 55-65 RPM on average on my hybrid; possibly more on the borrowed road bike.

So far, it's pretty #awesome because - as a number-focused nerd - I can focus on my RPM rather than speed, and be less frustrated when going out w/ slower cyclists. Did 25K this morning as the mist was lifting off the lake. Great idea, SWMNBN!

UPDATE: Canondale no longer makes this computer, so, in the interests of providing data on how to configure it should you need to reset the computer (or put in a new battery), here's a link to the user manual.

The important part is as follows:


Road Biking

Thanks to a loaned road bike and support from friends in the know, I've finally taken the plunge from hybrid bike to road bike... and while the first 7K to/from mom's were a bit scary, today's ride (12.7k each way - across the Lakeshore and up the Don trails) was a lot of fun.

Because the loaner has no computer and my Blackberry's battery was too weak to use, I drew this rough route map instead: