First 50K of the season

With the Ride For Heart just around the corner, it was high time I went out for a 50K ride.

Here's the route, with hills galore!
  • 15k from Guildwood to DVP/York Mills
  • 20K loop from DVP/York Mills to Yonge, south to Lawrence, east through The Bridle Path and north up Don Mills back to DVP/York Mills
  • 15k home via York Mills / Ellesmere

According to Trimble Outdoors' Allsport GPS, I burned over 3500 calories doing 51.5k in 2h52. My bike's computer claims 773 calories over 51.2k in 2h28. Not sure what causes this disparity but I'm going w/ the Trimble number because I suspect it includes altitude, not just revolutions of my front tire. And it's nearly 5x larger.

By the way, if you've got a few bucks to burn for a good cause, you can donate some tax-deductable money to the Ride For Heart via this page. Or, if you'd like to join our team, drop me a line.