Deerhurst 36K

Deerhurst Resort, deep in Muskoka country and just outside Huntville, is beautiful. (Un)fortunately, it's also very, very hilly terrain, and the past two days were very, very wet.

The night before tackling the big ride I headed north out of the Deerhurst compound and got lost in the night. I wanted to try out my new Rayovac headlamp, and while it struggled valiantly, so did the wind and rain. Even with ample light visibility was terrible.

Instead of being out for an hour or so as I'd planned, the wind picked up and start throwing rain at me sideways, so I came back drenched after about 25-30 mins and only 6K. The kicker was that the last two songs I heard (at random) on my w810i were:

Standing in the rain [...]
Raindrops runnin' through my veins

Standing In The Rain

- and -

Rolling along with the waves,
A thousand miles away
Holding you close in the rain...

The Navy Song

Depressing. Anyway, Tuesday morning was bright and almost rain-free. Still windy and chilly, but once I got going that was hardly a concern. Here's the route:

The scenery is awesome, but it's overshadowed by the amount of effort required to bike the loop. Definitely something I want to do again, but in warmer and drier weather.

83K to go...


125K to go

Managed to get out and do 40K on Saturday, thanks to Paul's encouragement. Hoping for at least another 125K before the season's over, so I can see my odometer roll over 2000K. Not bad for a 3 year old bike.