August Wrap-Up

Last night: took mom out for her second foray into cycling this year. Afterwards, did another 25K or so.

Today: paddled 6K from Galloway to Bellamy and back, in about 80 mins.

Tonight: 20K along Kingston Rd to Danforth to Bloor to Sherbourne; stopped for dinner and a couple beers with Jakub & Lori, and then after a half-hour Comedy Central fix (South Park's "Bloody Mary" episode), 20K home. W00t.

Including some short trips around the neighbourhood, that's another 92K on the odometer since 08/23, for a total of 652K this season by bike and 78K by kayak.


Sourdough Schedule, Part 1 of 2

A quick recap of the schedule of events in Alaska, along with some photos.

08/06: Arrive in Vancouver, BC.

: Visit to Stanley Park the Vancouver Aquarium, and some last-minute pre-wedding shopping.

: Embark on the Celebrity Millennium, and shortly thereafter, get married onboard. Set sail a few hours later.

: Full day at sea, cruising to Ketchikan, Alaska. Dinner at the Captain's Table with the Environmental Officer, Alaskan Ranger, and a number of Captain's Club guests.

: Ketchikan events include ziplining, rockclimbing, horse-drawn trolley tour, and shopping for diamonds & souvenirs.

: Juneau events include tram car up the side of the Mt. Roberts to get a better view, and dogsledding on a glacier, accessible only by helicopter.

: Skagway - a goldrush-era town still including brothels, breweries, and of course, diamond shops. We took the train north into BC to go kayaking; others went as far as the Yukon on the same rail line.

: Icy Strait Point / Hoonah Village - explored the now-defunct cannery, souvenir shops, and local town. Sadly, no diamond stores this far north.

: Full day at sea, including a visit to the Hubbard Glacier. We were within 0.3mi of the glacier at closest approach. Managed to lose my wallet some time after dinner. Pooh.

: Disembark the Millennium, and board a bus to Anchorage for the start of our inland tour.

More photos here. Continued in Part 2.

Sourdough Snippet

I have now categorized and merged the 10.6G of photos shot by the 6 people with cameras on this trip (7 if you include our wedding photographer, Ivan Vidic, who did an awesome job and taught me a few things about digital photography in the process!). How many photos is that? Over 5000. So it'll be a while before I've found the best ones. In the meantime, here's a taste:


Sourdough Starter

Back from Alaska, exhausted, enraptured, and espoused. Had a great time: great people, great food, great scenery, great adventures... great everything.

But because we collectively shot over 9G of images and video over the 15 days out west, it's going to be a while before I get everything online.

So, here's a 'by the numbers' account of the trip:

Date married: 08/08/08
Guests/relatives in attendance: 12

Ports visited by ship: 5 (Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Seward)
Cities visited by land: 4 (Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, Fairbanks)
Cities visited by air: 2 (Coldfoot, Wiseman)

Distance from Hubbard Glacier at closest approach: 0.3mi (by ship)
Distance from Norris Glacier at closest approach: 0.0mi (by foot)

Days on ship: 7
Hours on train: 10 (2hrs + 3hrs + 5hrs)
Hours in air: 15 (helicopter x 1, twin-engine plane x 2, commercial plane x 12)

Number of reindeer meat meals: 4
Number of Tex-mex meals: 5
Number of times I ate halibut, salmon, or other seafood: too numerous to count (highlights being halibut quesadillas, salmon tacos, scallops on the Millennium & smoked salmon on the riverboat)
Net weight gain (lbs): 5

Methods of transportation used: 20
* car (relatives', rentals, hired), taxi (first time in a hybrid!), limo, shuttle bus, motorcoach bus, city bus
* helicopter, twin-engine plane, commercial plane
* cruise ship, tender/rescue boat, kayak, stern wheeled riverboat
* train car (2-level glass-domed Wilderness Express), train car (White Pass)
* climbing harness on belay (up a climbing wall), climbing harness + zipline (between trees)
* horse-drawn trolley
* cablecar (tram)
* feet (walking, hiking, swimming, spinning in the gym on the Millennium)

And a quick overview by map:

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T Minus 39 Hours

[W]e copy the end of life as you know it.

It's 11am PST / 2am EST, and here's the view from my hotel room, captured on my new Olympus Stylus 1030SW. Still getting used to how it works, but the many presets and toys built into it are very cool -- as is the ability to shoot through glass in low light and capture the glowing dome of Science World.

Yesterday I started reading John J Nance's novel Orbit, heavily laden with politics, aerospace engineering, technology, psychology, sociology, discussions about honesty within family relationships, and some interesting questions about why relationships can sour and die. Couldn't put it down throughout the flight here. Considering it's about a guy trapped in orbit and wondering about his life, his family, and his marriage... it's perhaps not the ideal reading material for the flight out to Vancouver to get married. That said, definitely worth a read. :)

Despite being on 3 hrs of sleep since 6am yesterday, I can't sleep -- my mind is racing with all the things that are to happen in the next 39 hours. By 2008/08/08 14:00, I'll be married. Mindboggling.