What a beautiful weekend -- so unlike last month's weather!

Friday night, Paul and I went out for my first bit of cycling in 2008. An hour an a half into our planned 45-min ride, we were ready to drop -- apparently I just don't know how to stop once I get going. All told, I did about 28K, and Paul did 33K.

Afterwards he introduced me to his Wii, his Mii of me, and Wii bowled for a while until SWMNBN arrived to collect us for some food & drink at the Fossil.

Saturday I took the dogs around our trail-lake-ravine-woods-Guildwood-Gardens loop, ending with a brief splash through the duck pond at the park entrance. Finished up some outstanding work for Rainbow Cinemas and had dinner w/ SWMNBN & her parents at a new Chinese buffet joint.

Today I went hiking with the boys across the beach & up the ravine that runs though Grey Abbey Park. Patch, in typical Patch fashion, decided that hiking up a ravine wasn't enough activity & took off when I dropped his leash to climb over a downed tree. I finally caught up to him just below the fence bordering the Rohm & Haas property, and we all climbed down together.

Later, after running some errands by bike, I decided to cycle down to the waterfront west of Galloway Road and along the trail there. The lake being still quite full this early in the season, I got a little wet portaging from where the trail ends to where it picks up again below the ravine @ Bellamy Rd, but it was worth it to get to a quiet place, to enjoy this beautiful day.

Total weekend cycling distance: 50K.